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Saturday, October 31, 2015

Toyota Starlet. EP82, EP92, Wolf, White Toyota

Well for those of you that do not know the car Ricks little starlet is a car that should not be over looked .

Rick has been a long time customer of the Wolf product, Using the Version 3 in his Starlet he has achieved great times and drivabiaty.

Now comes the time to upgrade, So out with the old and in with the New . Wolfems removed all of Ricks wiring and rewired in a new V550.

Setting up such things as Nitrous and launch control it was now time to make its way to the Dyno.


The tune was going great until we had a tire failure. This I believe was due to tires not having correct speed rating on them. Really disappointing as the car was very clean.

But as there was no mechanical damage a new set of tires was found and back to tuning.

So making more power than ever and on lower boost off to the race track we go.

Our first test and tune presented a couple of problems ?????? NOS solenoids decided not to work for us.

So on with a new set of Solenoids and back to the dyno, great results.

out at the Calder park and the track being very good and sticky Rick wanted to try different combernations of launch control and NOS timing (when the NOS comes in)


Off racing



944 Porsche dyno

Saturday, June 13, 2015

944 Porsche, 944 turbo, 944 challenge .

This great looking 944 Porsche is part of the 944 challenge race series.

Wolf run a controlled class ecu in these cars, as the wiring is getting a bit old in them we suggest a complete rewire .

In this one Wolfems went on sight and removed all the original wiring and fitted all new wiring along with new fuse boxes and relay boxes.

Now onto the dyno , at MSC in Reservoir this freshly built engine was run in and dyno for power. making a cool 106kw at the wheels that is not to bad for a controlled class engine and ecu.



Wolf V550 Mini supercharged

Thursday, June 04, 2015

Leyland Mini, Mini, Supercharged mini, Super charged 1.3lt

You need to take your hat off to this one, yes it is a desired like the old Mini but all that aside the work that has gone into this one is outrageous.


 Mini power house! This houses a 1.3 lt engine, but the big difference is that it is supercharged!!!!

Running 10 PSI This little rocket produced 110KW at the wheels on pump fuel.

As there was no room for the intercooler the customer manufactured this top mount intercooler which gives this little beast that cool mean look when the bonnet is down and the intercooler is poking through .


All the pipe work and hoses are a custom work of art, and using the Wolf V550 to control the engine and idle set up on this the customer is in for some fun sundays. 




Toyota Prado Buggy

Monday, June 01, 2015

So this interesting little buggy came in this week for a wire in and fitment of a WolfV550.

The Buggy is based on a standard V6 Prado, automatic 4X4 . this is very interesting in that aspect.

So we set our plans down with the owner and got to work, stripping out the original cars wiring and starting from scratch.

Using two of the Wolf power boxes instead of fuse boxes,  this is going to be bouncing around and a good chance of water contamination. The Wolf power box is a good replacement for a normal fuse box being totally water proof.

Also supplying and fitting switches to the dash allowed for starter and diff lock to be incorporated in to our design.

Running the Light Bar switching through the Wolf V550 allow the power to be turned of if the engine is not running (saving the battery).

There was a little bit of work involved for the team at Wolf as manifolds had to be removed to wire this project properly with every pin being replaced and new wiring laid in place.

We are now just waiting on the auto to get a freshen up and then on the dyno , going to be an interesting tune.

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