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  • Tuner Series Mitsubishi 2G Plug in Kit
    • Tuner Series Mitsubishi 2G Plug in Kit
    • $2,268.18
    • Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Mitsubishi 2G Plug-In connects directly to the vehicle's original harness.
      It allows for removal of the airflow meter, & using the internal MAP sensor on the Wolf, can be tuned up to 30psi or higher, (45psi can be requested). With its adaptor using all the standard sensors fitted to this vehicle, full control over the oil pump when tuning using 'race oils' can effectively be installed.
      Aftermarket manifolds can be used and still allow for good fuel & idle control. It uses all standard sensors fitted to this vehicle; there WILL BE a couple of modifications required to the crank.
      All the gauges, lights on the dashboard as well as the charging system remain operational WITHOUT modification. Likewise, the Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Mitsubishi 2G Plug-In is set up per factory spec, and will fire the ignition without modification; it should be wired in waste spark.
      Sequential firing of the injectors gives more control of the injectors and can be achieved to give cleaner idle mixtures & crisper throttle response.
      Multiple Inputs give access for adjustable fuel and ignition if nitrous is being used. Nitrous control can be PWM enabling it to be controlled like an injector.
      A/C input gives the ability to step up the idle when the A/C is switched on as well as turning off the a/c under WOT operation.
      Dual fuel switching maps enables separate maps for petrol, race or alternative fuel.
      The secondary map prevision allows for the setup of launch control and anti lag, which can be done for maximum boost before launching into a race.
      Some other functions of the secondary map are 'valet mode', which allows a determined rev limit and tune to be entered. So at the flick of a switch (or turn of a key) this function, limits the power from the engine and stops people giving the vehicle a hard time without your knowledge.

      Tune-ability of 16 load points every 125 rpm both fuel and ignition, makes Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Mitsubishi 2G ECU very versatile.
      12 parameters working just on cold start there is no reason why your vehicles will not turn key & start even if you have big injectors after correct tuning has been achieved.

      The kit contains:

      1 x Mitsubishi 2G Plug-In Kit
      1 x PC Software
      1 x Communications Cable
      2 x Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Labels

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