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  • Tuner Series Nissan Pintara U12 Plug-In Kit
    • Tuner Series Nissan Pintara U12 Plug-In Kit
    • $2,222.72
    • Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Nissan Pintara U12 is designed to connect to the vehicle's original harness. It allows for removal of the airflow meter, & using the internal MAP sensor on the Wolf, can be tuned up to 30psi or higher, (45psi can be requested). The adaptor uses all the standard sensors fitted to this vehicle. The external map sensor can be used to keep the 'standard look' and the adaptor uses all standard sensors fitted to the vehicle. 

      All the gauges and lights on the dashboard remain functional and do not require modifications.
      This harness will allow for Sequential firing of the injectors, giving a cleaner burning of the fuel, crisper response, & therefore overall improved fuel economy.
      Sequential injection allows for bigger injectors to be fitted and the required fuel-air mixture to be obtained. It is set up as per factory specification and will fire the ignition as sequential.
      Adjustable Dwell: allows the ignition system to be tuned to its maximum potential under different driving situations.
      Dual Fuel Maps: separate maps for petrol/race or alternative fuel can be viewed in Wolf software.
      Dedicated launch control allows for the setup of launch control and anti lag, which can be done for maximum boost before launching into a race.
      Some other functions of the secondary map are 'valet mode', which allows a determined rev limit and tune to be entered. So at the flick of a switch (or turn of a key) this function, limits the power from the engine and stops people giving the vehicle a hard time without your knowledge.
      Tune-ability of 16 load points every 125 rpm both fuel and ignition, makes Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Nissan Pintara U12 Plug- In Kit very versatile.
      12 parameters working just on cold start there is no reason why your vehicles will not turn key & start even if you have big injectors after correct tuning has been achieved.

      The TUNER SERIES STREET offers:

      -8 sequential injection
      -8 sequential ignition
      -Having the ability to tune every 125rpm over 16 load points which creates better tuning
      -It has the capability for dual onboard maps which allows for different fuels to be selected by switching between the maps
      -The TUNER SERIES STREET comes with a 30psi onboard map sensor and can be upgraded to a 45psi map sensor on request
      -Launch control
      -A closed loop quad cam control allows control of the cams in 1 degree increments
      -Dual narrow band O2 sensor inputs can control left and right banks on a V8 or front and rear on an inline motor
      -Self-tune feature (wide band module required)
      -Up to six wire idle speed motor control
      -Fuel pump control (high and low)
      -Closed loop boost control
      -7 dedicated low side auxiliary outputs and inputs and 6 high side auxiliary inputs and outputs (any unused ignition and injection outputs can also be used as low side drivers)
      On top of this, the TUNER SERIES STREET has the ability to run any project in any format. This can run a single cylinder motorbike to a V12 engine. If you have any queries about if this kit is for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      All of our products are Australian manufactured and designed and include a full life time warranty.

      Kit contents:

      -1x wolf TUNER SERIES STREET plug in loom
      -1x wolf TUNER SERIES STREET PC Software
      -1x Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET serial cable
      -1x Life time warranty

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