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Wolf Tuner Series Sport - Wire-In Kit

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Wolf Tuner Series Sport - Wire-In Kit

Wolf Tuner Series Sport - Wire-In Kit

Adding even more features to the Tuner series, the Sport ECU gives you the ability to take an edge to the track and monitor your engine on every turn, launch or run. Offering Antilag, Launch control, traction control, extra rev limiters and data logging, the Sport offers you a comprehensive market leading ECU. .

If you require OEM sensors and a standard dash or you want to step it up to motorsport sensors and a digital dash, the Sport can cater for your needs and wants.

Stand out features include:

  • 8 smart injector drivers (can be programmed for peak and hold injector times).
  • 8 Ignition outputs (programable dwell over rpm/battery voltage).
  • E85 Cold start mapping(every 2 degrees).
  • Flex fuel compatable.
  • Multiple OEM trigger modes allowing for user to define there own input trigger selection.
  • 8 PWM outputs, 6 High / Low out puts.
  • Staged twin thermo fan control (less electrical load on fan start up).
  • Closed loop QUAD cam control (independent 3D maping of cams by degrees in +/- value).
  • Dedicated Rev limiting (fuel, ignition, soft cut, hard cut).
  • Twin lambda control for closed loop narrow band.
  • Full CANBUS interactive allowing for dashboards,Dataloggers to be connected.
  • 14 Dedicated axillary pins (all injector and ignition pins can also be used as axillary pins adding 16 more pins).
  • 8 Multicontrollers allowing 7D mapping for complete control of any parameter you want to control.
  • Bump In control.

We are always up to chat on how the Wolf Tuner Series Sport ECU can benefit your project.


Wolf Tuner Series Sport - Features

Tuner Series Sport - Plug-in Kit
  • 8 Ignition Outputs
  • E85 cold start up map
  • Multiple OEM trigger modes
  • Flex fuel compatible
  • 8 PWM outputs
  • Staged twin Thermo Fans
  • Closed loop quad cam control
  • Dedicated rev limiter
  • Twin Lambda Control
  • Full CANBUS interactive
  • 14 Dedicated AUX pins
  • 8 Multicontroller
  • Launch Control
  • Extra Rev Limiters
  • Traction Control

Onboard Data Logger

Tuner Series Sport Data Logger
  • Get the edge on the others by viewing all your Data.
  • Data can be a big part of winning or losing the race.
  • The Wolf tuner series Sport comes with a standard Internal Data logging feature.
  • Data logging allows for all the information input and output to be logged.
  • Logging to a micro SD card allows for removal and viewing through the Wolf data logging software.

User friendly software

Tuner Series Sport
  • User friendly software with programmable low and high warnings Up to 16 gauges present on the tuning screen this allows for 8 egt’s to be used as well as oil pressure, fuel pressure lambda, KIT CONTENTS Flex fuel content
  • All inputs can be configured to suit sensor being used Oil pressure, fuel pressure, Fuel temp, oil temp, coolant pressure, before/after intercooler pressure, transmission temp, diff temp, Speed sensor.


  • As the Wolf ECU can work with most OEM sensors, the need to purchase sensors is not required
  • In the case of a retro fit where sensors are required, Wolf have in stock a full range of sensors to help with your project

Additional Units

Products below as an additional units, you can purchase separately.


The Wolf ECU interfaces with Racepak Dashes View all data from the Wolf such as

  • Water temperature
  • RPM
  • Boost
  • Speed KMH / MPH
  • Airtemp
  • TPOS
  • 7 of the Auxiliary inputs into the Wolf ECU

Exhaust Gas Temperature Module

  • Step your tune up by measuring EGT’s
  • This unit will convert any “K” type thermocouple to a 0-5v output
  • Catalog or use this information with your Wolf ECU
  • Stop engine damage before it happens by adjusting the tune on your Wolf when EGT’s get too HOT!!!

Stand Alone Data Logging

  • 16 channels analog and digital
  • 4 digital (wheel speed inputs)
  • Programmable interface
  • Name and graph your input sensors
  • Suspension sensors can be zeroed in software
  • 200hz data logging
  • GPS map tracing
  • Data files stored on Micro SD
  • Software allows for old data to be compared with new data
  • Graph overlay

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