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Wolf V4X Plug-In Kit

V4X Plug In Kit
V4X Plug In Kit
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Wolf V4X Plug-In Kit

V4X Plug In Kit

The Wolf V4X is a very cost effective, light-weight and compact engine management system.

This unit is designed to plug directly into your vehicles' existing wiring loom.

This ECU has the ability to control 4 injector and ignition outputs sequentialy. With 16 load cells X 125 rpm, the Wolf V4X is easily tunable for all types of fuel.
Full control of idle devices such as 2, 4 or 6 wire.

Works with OEM sensors such as coolant and air temperatures, so no need to purchase additional sensors.

Onboard dedicated boost control.
Onboard 30 PSi map sensor (can be upgraded to 45 PSi map sensor).
6 X Auxilary outputs, 2 x lowside , 4 x high/low side.
Dedicated thermo fan driver.
Dedicated fuel pump driver.


  • Engine Speed
  • Vehicle Speed
  • Engine Temperature
  • Air Temperature
  • Throttle Position
  • Internal MAP Sensor (Rated to 30 PSI)


  • 4 Injector Drivers - (Minimum Injector Impedance 0.8 Ohms per output)
  • 4 Ignition Outputs
  • Fuel Pump Control
  • Boost Control
  • Stepper Motor Idle Speed Control
  • PWM Idle Speed Control
  • 2 Switched Low Side Auxiliary Outputs
  • 4 Switched High Side / Low Side Auxiliary Outputs

Kit Contents

  • 1 x Wolf V4X ECU
  • 1 x Wolf V4X Plug and Play Loom
  • 1 x PC Software USB
  • 1 x PC Serial Cable


  • As the Wolf ECU can work with most OEM sensors, the need to purchase sensors is not required
  • In the case of a retro fit where sensors are required, Wolf have in stock a full range of sensors to help with your project

Additional Units

Products below as an additional units, you can purchase separately.


The Wolf ECU interfaces with Racepak Dashes and can view all dataa from the Wolf including:

  • Water temperature
  • RPM
  • Boost
  • Speed KMH / MPH
  • Airtemp
  • TPOS
  • 7 of the Auxiliary inputs into the Wolf ECU

Exhaust Gas Temperature Module

  • Step your tune up by measuring EGTs
  • This unit will convert any “K” type thermocouple to a 0-5v output
  • Catalog or use this information with your Wolf ECU
  • Stop engine damage before it happens by adjusting the tune on your Wolf when EGT’s get too HOT!!!

Stand Alone Data Logging

  • 16 channels analog and digital
  • 4 digital (wheel speed inputs)
  • Programmable interface
  • Name and graph your input sensors
  • Suspension sensors can be zeroed in software
  • 200hz data logging
  • GPS map tracing
  • Data files stored on Micro SD
  • Software allows for old data to be compared with new data
  • Graph overlay

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