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  • Tuner Series Nissan Stagea WC34 Series 2 Model TGKNREA Automatic Transmission
    • Tuner Series Nissan Stagea WC34 Series 2 Model TGKNREA Automatic Transmission
    • $2,268.18
    • This ECU is designed to plug into Nissan Stagea WC34 Series 1 Automatic Transmission model vehicles running the RB25DET engine. All Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET ECU Adapter Looms are designed to allow the Mass Air Flow meter to be removed. 

      The Internal MAP Sensor allows boost levels up to 30 PSI. If higher boost levels are required, an external MAP Sensor can be used.As well as full engine control, the Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET has full control over the Automatic Transmission for both line pressure and gear changes.

      Welcome to the latest high performance engine management system, with class leading performance and value. Compact, powerful and with the latest features, the TUNER SERIES STREET offers fifth generation features through sixteen years of research and development. This kit requires the OEM ECU to be removed and the TUNER SERIES STREET kit to be plugged in. This allows for easy installation of the unit and use of OEM sensors. Take your project to the next level.

      The TUNER SERIES STREET offers:

      -8 sequential injection
      -8 sequential ignition
      -Having the ability to tune every 125rpm over 16 load points which creates better tuning
      -It has the capability for dual onboard maps which allows for different fuels to be selected by switching between the maps
      -The TUNER SERIES STREET comes with a 30psi onboard map sensor and can be upgraded to a 45psi map sensor on request
      -Launch control
      -A closed loop quad cam control allows control of the cams in 1 degree increments
      -Dual narrow band O2 sensor inputs can control left and right banks on a V8 or front and rear on an inline motor
      -Self-tune feature (wide band module required)
      -Up to six wire idle speed motor control
      -Fuel pump control (high and low)
      -Closed loop boost control
      -7 dedicated low side auxiliary outputs and inputs and 6 high side auxiliary inputs and outputs (any unused ignition and injection outputs can also be used as low side drivers)
      On top of this, the TUNER SERIES STREET has the ability to run any project in any format. This can run a single cylinder motorbike to a V12 engine. If you have any queries about if this kit is for your project, please don't hesitate to contact us.

      All of our products are Australian manufactured and designed and include a full life time warranty.

      The kit contains:

      1 x Nissan Stagea RB25DET Plugin Adapter
      1 x PC Software Disks
      1 x Communications Cable
      2 x Wolf TUNER SERIES STREET Labels

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