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Q: Where can I find pinouts for my vehicle?

We have a selection of pinouts organised by vehicle make in our downloads section. If you can't find what you're looking for there send us an email at and we'll sort something out.

Q: Where can I get help setting up a map?

In some cases it's easiest for us to send you a map with the correct settings for the engine you're working on however please note that we have a policy of only sending startup maps. Although this may appear to be a negative it means that you're in a better position to get an optimal tune for your vehicle. Contact and find out how we can help you.

Q: Where can I go to get my engine tuned?

We can recommend dealers trained with the Wolf EMS worldwide. Check out our dealers page to find a tuner near you.

Q: Where are Wolf ECU's made?

All Wolf ECU's are made in Australia. They are assembled in-house and fully tested before shipping. Wolf Motorsport is proudly Australian owned and operated.

Q: Which ECU is right for me?

Choosing an ECU can be a hard decision and finding the right balance between features and cost is a difficult task.

A: When choosing an ECU, you want it to be the correct one. It is a hard decision to make sometimes as cost can vary a lot. Here are some pointers to help you. 

(1) When looking for an ECU one question is always cost, sometimes you need to look past this as the first ruling question. The amount of times we see people buy an ECU, fit it up and then wish to make a change to their project or try to implement some form of change and the restriction is the ECU. They then have to ‘upgrade’ so that their modification can be done (this just cost them twice). Be honest with your thinking on what you know and what you think you would like to achieve in the future, can the ECU handle this? 

(2) Does the ECU I am looking at allow for sequential injection/ignition for my project? This may not sound like an important bit of information at the moment and yes, you can run your six cylinder in batch fire. Let’s be honest, you are fitting an ECU for what reason - you want power! Sometime in the near future you are going to want more, so being able to go larger injectors and still have nice control over them at idle and cruise is important. 

(3) Do I want to wire the ECU in, or plug-in to the vehicles original harness? In most cases a plug-in harness allows the ease of no wiring to be cut in the vehicles harness, this allows for easy removal if you want to sell the vehicle or need to put it back to standard fitment for any reason. Cutting into vehicles looms is not what we recommend and generally devalues the vehicle for resale. 

(4) Does the ECU I am looking at work with OEM sensors or am I going to have to buy sensors to fit to my project? Not only does this create more expense but if that sensor fails, you have to be in contact with the ECU manufacture and have one shipped to you, no going to your local parts outlet and buying it across the counter. 

(5) Don't just think of an ECU as something that controls fuel and ignition, think outside the square. Do you want to run NOS or extra thermo fans, have duel fuel pumps that turn on automatically? Maybe even duel mapping for different fuels or even basics like idle control. 

(6) Try to think ahead, does the ECU you’re looking at allow full access without upgrades or sending back to manufacture to allow you to do those modifications you want to do? 

(7) What type of support does the ECU company offer? There is a lot of "internet tuners" out there that will advise you to use this brand, don’t use that brand. Back up their claims by talking to the ECU manufacturer asking the questions that you want answers to? See how they respond to your questions, are they open to talking to you about your project or are you just another sale to them? 

Q: Someone told me that Wolf ECU's have problems?

A: This is a very commonly asked question and to put it bluntly “NO they do not have problems.” Generally when you trace the source of these statements back, you find that they are made by people or workshops that have not been trained in our system and wish to blame the ECU as they cannot find anything else to blame. 

Secondly people are using the incorrect ECU for the job , e.g. they will purchase a very old out dated ECU and expect it to do the same functions as today's technology. 

Here at Wolf we have 24/7 tech support line for people and workshops to call if they experiencing problems. We will do everything in our power to help you sort out your problem even though it will generally be a mechanical fault or a setting that has been incorrectly set up. 

As a company you cannot offer a lifetime warranty if you have problems with the product you sell. We have been building ECU's for a very long time and would not have survived if this was true. 

Q: How much power will the Wolf give me?

A: This is a very common question asked. The Wolf unit does not determine how much power you can make. This comes down to the mechanical features of your vehicle, is everything standard or is it modified? 

The Wolf can be upgraded to run a bigger internal 45psi map sensor for more boost to be applied for even more power to be generated, or you can used an external map sensor. 

The only power limits are going to be mechanical e.g: fuel system. 

Wolf ECU's have been on everything from 45hp to above 1000hp vehicles, if the engine can handle it, the Wolf can control it. 

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